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Join Phoenix Artists Guildmember league of Arizona Art Alliance.

Go to Forms page; click your choice of the Membership Applications; complete and submit it to the address provided.
Currently there are 81 members (see below), and growing! 



AUGUST 2018  

Sheila Bellinger



Guidelines for Artist of The Month:

This event is held monthly, August to April, and open to all members of the Guild.  Artists are limited to one framed work each Month. 

Artists awarded Artists of the Month are not eligible for further monthly competition.  All Artists of the Month are automatically entered in the Artist of the Year Event, held in May.

Artist of the Year will then be chosen from those qualifying artists.

(If you have sold the awarded work you may substitute another work for the May event.)

PreviousPAG Artists of The Month  (click, to view)

PAG Computer Corner:

In our monthly PAG Newsletters

Helpful, and hopefully frustration-saving tips to make your use of the computer easier and safer.

Check this column in each issue of the Website News page, (starting with the November, 2016 issue).



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Current Members, alphabetically

 (Please note; telephone #s are not listed, if email address is available.  Telephone #s are listed only if requested by the artist)

Allebach, Jo  jo.allebach@gmail.com        Acrylic/Oil/wc Gellenbeck, Dan                            wood Sandera, Paula                         Graphite 

Aspin, Jana Lee  jersmom92@gmail.com 

Grosso, Annettea grosso52@gmail.com              oil/acrylic Schweitzer, Robin   robingailschweitzer@gmail.com   oil, dichroic  fused glass jewelry, mosaic
McCool-Baker, Linda     funkyfineart@gmail.com Higgins, Ann      Pastel, oil Sprague, Jeannette    jsprague4@cox.net                                  oil 
Bartolome, Raymond  bartstbarth9@aol.com   acrylic/oil Hightower, Mary     maryh@ix.netcom.com photography

Bauer, Logan bauer789@msn.com

Hoelle, Dr. Carl     carlart@cox.net   Oil

Tichacek,  Joey (Joan)            jstichacek@gmail.com

Beausoleil, Larry_darlenelarry@gmail.com 


Hoelle, Patricia


Timm, Carmen  ctimm0128@gmail.com

w/c,. acrylics, oils

Bellinger, Sheila   oil

Kurgan-Hoffmeyer, Katherine   katkurgan@cox.net

Timm, Manny     timm.mrt@yahoo.com

Berg, Cindy  Ca.2.berg@gmail.com Jones, Karen F.HAWKJONESART@gmail.co Tobin, BetteLou WLFFMLY@aol.com   scratch

Betts, Sharon  sbetts2@cox.net

Kirkpatrick, Sharon  freedom47@icloud.com

Toman, Sandy    SandyKayToman@yahoo.com 
Bouise,Kathy kcbouise@cox.net     oil Kumar, Alika   alika.kumar@gmail.com
Brady, Michael     mkyfin@cox.net          Digital art

Kurgan-Hoffmeyer, Katherine


Veri, Jennifer jenveri54@gmail.com

 Bristow, Silvia



Lansing, Victoria J.


acrylic, oils

Brown, Jane                                w/c  MacDonald, Donald    DMACDthescot@gmail.com      Sculpture Washburn, Grant    gwashburn2@cox.net

Bruno, Barbara   bbstep11@yahoo.com

Maller, Evadne, S.



Washburn, Pat GWashburn2@cox.net

Cahn, Sherry lee cakelady@candylandcupcakes.

Mansour, John G.    j.mansour11@cox.net  graphite & charcoal

Waters, Elaine   andygus@hotmail.com  oil, acrylic

 Chambers, Cindy    tees2others@gmail.com Whiting, Beth Anne
Checvasit, Soonthorn   harmonst@yahoo.com Whitman, Samuel
Cooper, Suzi Q suziqoo@aol.com
All Media

McIlvain,Clarice    annmcilvan@netzero.net

 Wilbur, Christi   Christistoil@yahoo.com

Crowley, Linda    lzcrowley@gmail.com

w/c Graph

Whiting, Beth Anne acrylic

Cummins, Charles C   chuckc1@cox.net   

website Manager

 Miller, Lois     candleartist@gmail.com  


Wordsman, Virginia wordsva@aol.com


 Cummins, Jaxine M.    jaxine@jaxine.com                              acrylic, goldleaf, collage


David, Linda            artingrained@live.com                   wood

Morgan, Jean    jandemorgan@cox.net              Wc/Oil, acrylic

Dickey, Marguerite Am.a.dickey@cox.net  Oil/Watercolor

Moss, Danny R.      subdude282@yahoo.com

Donovan, Nancy    rdon523646@aol.com                         oil    Murphy, Robin E.
  Nelson, George                              Intarsia (wood)  
Fournier, Roger A O’Donnell, Shannon   shannon@paintingsbyshannon.com  watercolor, oil

France, Carol     carolfrance0103@gmail.com

Frye, Julie             juliefrye381@gmail.com                        Oil, acrylic, w/c  Peterson, Betty     BettyPet123@gmail.com                Oil
  Ray, Lex
Robinson, Mary           azarts@cox.net
Rosato, Geri

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