The Phoenix Artists Guild meets on the 4th Monday of each month (unless it’s a holiday), from August  through April.  

Meetings are held at The Arizona Artists Guild Building, at 18411 N. 7th Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Pre-meeting Critique sessions are for Members Only; guests are invited to watch. 

Members are encouraged to bring a piece of art, on which they want feedback, or  suggestions for improvement.

6:00 – 6:45 pm Member Art Critique

6:45 – 7:30 pm Business and Social

7:30-8:30 pm Guest Artist Demonstration Program.

Board Meetings are on the 2nd Monday of each month, (unless it is a holiday); 9:30 – 11:30 am.






Parking is on the North and East sides of the building.   The building is on the East side of 7th Ave,, just south of Union Hills Drive; North of Bell Rd.   Suggested routes to the site are I-17 or 19th Ave. to Union Hills; then to 7th Ave, and South to 18411, but left, into AAG lot (at hi-traffic hour); better to go I-17 or 19th Ave. to Bell Road, then North on 7th Ave. to 18411.




Coming Demonstrators:

Date           Name               Media          E-mail



Previous Demonstrators:


Mar. 2019    Mark Christopher
Feb. 2019    Sue Hunter   www.suehunter.fineartstudio
Jan 2019  Julie Gilbert 
March, 2017                     Joanie Wolter  
 November 2018                    Bill Lundquist  
February, 2017        Julie Frye
October 2018                       Marless Flowers
January,  2017                    Liz Kenyon
September 2018                  Bruce Marion     Bruce-Marion   
October,  2016          Bill Lundquist
August 2018                          Karen Rae     
November,  2015  Donna Levine
May 2018                              Barbara Dahlstedt
Oct.,  2015  Jedadiah Cracco
April 2018                             Nancy Romanovsky
 Sept.,  2015       Bruce Marion
March 2018                          Pam Shearer
Aug.,  2015   Debra Jones
Feb, 2018                           Pat Stacey
  Apr.,  2015  Virginia Brooks
Jan. 22, 2018                    Nancy Troupe
March,  2015   Art Smith
Oct. 23, 2017                        Mark Christopher
February,  2015     Bob Koonts
Sept. 25, 2017                     David Flitner
January, 2015 Sue Hunter
Aug, 28, 2017                     Diane Haugen 
 May 22, 2017                      Ken Lake
April 24, 2017               Timothy Chapman







ATTENTION ARTISTS:  Bring in a specific activity for participation in next month’s Activity Of The Month selection; winner will receive  an extra ticket for the Arizona Art Supply ticket raffle.

The activity for February: something in Abstract design:









MAY, 2018~ No activity ~ Invocations and party. 

 APRIL~ MUSIC ~ Fire up your imagination with music.   Guide your brush, pencil or fingers to produce whatever feelings you have while listening. This can be classical, jazz, country, show tunes, any genre of music you prefer. Set the mood with a musical piece, feel the colors and the place it sends you to and put it on canvas. No LSD required.

MARCH ~ PLEIN AIR ~ The weather might be good for another foray outside. How about the Phoenix Zoo?

FEBRUARY, 20  ~ TRIPTIC -Theee pane depicting three angles of the same subject, perhaps, or three seasons of the same scene or three phases of your life time.  Anyway, three paintings or drawings connected in some way.

The Phoenix Art Museum has tours for groups available and they will allow sketching with pencils only, no paint. However, they do not give discounts, so the fee is $18.00 per person. If there is interest to go as a group, let me know and I can arrange it sometime.

For more information, contact Joe Soltis 





March, 2019  


        Mark Christopher        

Mark Christopher was an artist before he ever claimed the name. His journey to creating and teaching art was a leap of faith that began in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan, where he originally planned to pursue a career in physics. In 2011, he followed his true calling to be a full-time artist into the Arizona desert. Since then, he’s committed to his explosive passion for painting, drawing, teaching, and unbridled self-expression.

For Mark, art is as much about aesthetics as it is about supporting the well-being of his community. His soul-driven representations of people and nature are designed to infuse homes, workplaces, and other public spaces with the spirit of unshakable inner peace. As an art teacher, Mark honors each student for their individuality and their vision, while promoting a clear understanding of artistic technique. From novices to seasoned artists, Mark strives to inspire anyone with the desire to create.

Many of Mark’s images convey a profound serenity that’s hard to find in the modern world. Yet, his love for justice drives him to constantly think of ways to take the difficult but necessary journey of making peace a reality for those suffering from social oppression. He’s currently planning ways to engage and elevate marginalized communities through non-profits, aiming to give them a voice in visual form while tracking issues such as greed, water shortages and poverty. His ultimate artistic goal is to re-connect viewers and patrons with what matters most: our true selves, our fellow human beings, and living in harmony with nature.

Mark’s Web site is:


































Sue Hunter