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Artist Opportunity, @ Arizona Art Supply:
Jedediah Cracco at Arizona Art Supply:

?? Open Studios – “Drink and Draw” @ Changing Hands – 300 West Camelback Rd. 2nd Mondays @ 6:30 – 9:30 p.m.

?? Open Studio: Thunderbird Arts Center, 9th Street and Grovers on the 3rd Saturdays 7:00 –10:00 p.m.











 Events Now Planned:

Jim Corrigan video-recorded the WHAM West Gallery’s PAG reception, Saturday, December 8th. We will be making the video availabe on the website Events Page when released by the AZ Art Alliance.


The second year exhibit and sale event of the AZ Art Alliance-sponsored “A League of Their Own” exhibit will be held at the Holland Gallery during June and July, 2019.  We will have a 5’x17’ wall space for the month of June. As was done previously, we exhibited mini 2D artwork.   The Board has approved this presentation for 2019, having as many of our artists as possible to show.   We anticipate space for 37-40 2D pieces plus 1 3D piece.


A geographic-based studio tour program is being considered for January, 2020.  As the concept is developed, more info and details should be available.
If you have any question regarding anything Alliance-related, contact Dr. Carl,  or call 602-274-1699.