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November 2014




Evadne Maller



Guidelines for Artist of The Month:

This event is held monthly, August to April, and open to all members of the Guild.
Artists are limited to one framed work each month.


Artists awarded Artists of the Month are not eligible for further monthly competition.
All Artists of the Month are automatically entered in the Artist of the Year Event, held in May.
Artist of the Year will then be chosen from those qualifying artists.


(If you have sold the awarded work you may substitute another work for the May event.)





Previous Member Tributes:

November, 2014      Larry Beausoleil

October, 2014         Donald MacDonald

September, 2014     Mary Hightower

August, 2014           Carol France

May, 2014                Maxine James

April, 2014              Victoria Lansing

March, 2014             Jean Klein

February, 2014        Sheila Berringer

January, 2014          Clarise McIlvaine

November, 2013       Dan Gellenbeck

October, 2013          Jo Allebach

September, 2013     Shakey Walls

August, 2013           Linda Crowley

May, 2013                Sharon Betts

March, 2013             Suzie Q Cooper

February, 2013         Dr. John Mansuer

January, 2013          Pat Hoelle

November, 2012       Anne Higgins

October, 2012          Virginia Wordsman

September, 2012      Evadne Maller

 August, 2012           Shakey Walls

 January, 2012          Bets Doss

 November, 2011      

 October, 2011        BetteLou Tobin

 September, 2011    George Nelson

 August, 2011          Carmen Timm

 April, 2011              Jeanette Sprague

 March, 2011           Helen Dando

 February, 2011       Carolyn Toliver

 January, 2011        Nancy Searles 




November, 2014

Larry Beausoleil

Larry Beausoleil -(sunshine in French) is the other half of "TWO FRIENDS creative metal sculptures".  He and Don MacDonald are partners in the awardwinning copper wall hangings and freestanding sculptures.    Don states that Larry is the perfectionist when they work together. This talent adds elegance to their art, as well as, creative, imaginative and whimsical. Larry's career in architecture drafting led him to drawing plans for custom-built homes. His precision in line drawing allows the complicated structures to take form.

Four years ago, Larry and his wife of fifty-three years retired and bought a house in Sun City. The ceilings were covered in copper. Larry took it all down and stored it in his garage. While building sets and props for the Sun City Theatre, Larry met Don and the two began to figure out how they could use the copper. At first, they made wall hangings and toys. Soon, they entered art shows, winning first place in a Washington State art show with "Hopi Hoop Dancer." They have won medals and ribbons in thirteen shows. Their "Thunderbird," won first place in the Spring PAG 2014 /show.   After Larry's garage was empty, the pair had to buy copper and they still use only copper in their sculptures.

Their current masterpiece is a three dimensional, layered, freestanding horse named, "The Wild One." In addition, these two geniuses are building another "Raggedy Ann," a freestanding charmer like the one they brought to a PAG meeting.

Another versatile skill Mr. Beausoliel has is artistic woodworking. Turning bowls and vases from hard woods has earned him first place here and in WA State. His bowls are fashioned with different types of wood for the color instead of paint, such as, Hickory, Walnut, Mahogany, Citrus, and from Africa- the Red,

Yellow or Purple Heart trees. Wooden toys are also made for his many grandkids. Larry's children have inherited his clever genes. One daughter is an artist, another daughter is a wildlife photographer. His son, as Larry says, "Can do anything creative with his hands."   Larry's philosophy, "Keep busy and live a long life."



BetteLou Tobin


























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Allebach, Jo



Grosso, Annette



Grossso, Annette


Noli, Maryanne

Photogr, w/c, arc





McCool-Baker, Linda


Higgins, Ann

Pastel, oil


Hoelle, Dr. Carl



Rideat, Ronald


Alexander-McCullough, Jann










Bartolome. Raymond




Hightower, Mary




Hoelle, Patricia




Roberts, Silvia



  Bauer, Logan


James, Maxine

Oil, w/c, pen &ink, pastel




Sandera, Paula




Beausoleil, Larry 





Jonas, Shirley




Scheurich, Pat

Acrylic, mixed media, murals



Bellinger, Sheila



Cummins, Charles C

website maint.


Kaster, Lee




Smith, Shannon




Berg, Cindy


Cummins, Jaxine M.



Klein, Jean



Spinabella, Monique

w/c, oill, acrylic


Betts, Sharon




Kristofors, Monique



Sprague, Jeannette



Black, Diane L.



David, Linda




Kula, Lori



Timm, Carmen

w/c,. acrylics, oils




Black,Lee Ann   watercolor






Lansing, Victoria J.

acrylic, oils


Tobin, BetteLou   






Doss, Bets

Oil; pastel; w/c


Levin, Carolyn  


Tolliver, Carolyn

w/c, acrylic


Brady, Michael  

 Digital art



Dougherty, Dona



MacDonald, Donald




Washburn, Grant



Brown, Jane





Maller, Evadne, S.



  West, Susan


Checvasit, Soonthorn



Ebner, Ruth



Mansour, John G.

graphite & charcoal








Martin, June




Whiting, Beth Anne



Cooper, Suzi Q
All Media


France, Carol



Alexander-McCullough, Jann




Whitman, Sammuel



Couturier, Corey

mixed media


Frye, Julie

Oil, acrylic, w/c




Wordsman, Virginia



Crowlry, Linda

w/c Graph


Gegenheimer, Rosemari

Oil, w/c 


 Miller, Lois




Gellenbeck, Pat       My Links




Gellenbeck, Dan



Morgan, Jean

Wc/Oil, acrylic






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