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The Phoenix Artists Guild meets on the 4th Monday of each month, from August  through April.  However, the May, 2018 meeting will be June 3. 


Meetings are held at The Arizona Artists Guild Building, at 18411 N. 7th Ave., Phoenix, AZ. 


Pre-meeting Critique sessions are for Members Only; guests are invited to watch. 

Members are encouraged to bring a piece of art, on which they want feedback, or  suggestions for improvement.

6:00 - 6:45 pm Member Art Critique

6:45 - 7:30 pm Business and Social

7:30-8:30 pm Guest Artist Demonstration Program.


Board Meetings are on the 2nd Monday of each month; 9:30 - 11:30 am.



Parking is on the North and East sides of the building.   The building is on the East side of 7th Ave,, just south of Union Hills Drive; North of Bell Rd.   Suggested routes to the site are I-17 or 19th Ave. to Union Hills; then to 7th Ave, and South to 18411; or I-17, 19th Ave. or Loop 101 to Bell Road, then North on 7th Ave. to 18411.



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Coming Demonstrators:

June. 4, 2018          Barbara Dahlstedt   -colored pencil

August, 2018          Karen Rae   -watercolor


Previous Demonstrations:

Augusr 2018         Karen Rae  
May 2018             
April 2018            Nancy Romanovsky   
March 2018               Pam Shearer  
Feb, 2018               Pat Stacey Watercolor
Jan. 22, 2018           Nancy Troupe      Acrylics
Oct. 23, 2017            Mark Christopher Oil or Mixed Media
Sept. 25, 2017      David Flitner
   Clay, portrait relief

Aug, 28, 2017          Diane Haugen -Gourds

May 22, 2017            Ken Lake

November, 2014

Valerie Tolliver

April 24, 2017

Timothy Chapman

 October, 2014

Mark Christoper

March, 2017

Joanie Wolter

September, 2014

 Loretta Musgrave

February, 2017

Julie Frye

August, 2014

Tom Haas

January,  2017

Liz Kenyon

April, 2014

BetteLou Tobin &

Dr. John Mansour

October,  2016

Bill Lindquist

March, 2014

Kathrine Kurgan

September, 2016

Nancy Christy-Moore

February, 2014

Sebastiao Pereira

May,  2016

Phillip Moreno Jr.

January, 2014 

Dave Flitner

Apri, l 2016

Sherry Kimmel

November 2013

Julie Gilbert Pollard

March,  2016

Judith Spitz

October 2013

Dr Harold Nelson

February, 2016

Jim Garrison

September 2013

Tom Herbert

January,  2016

Sherri Lee   

August 2013

Sebastiano Pereira

November,  2015

Donna Levine

March, 2013

Denise Landis

Oct.,  2015

Jedadiah Cracco

February, 2013

Dennis Webber

Sept.,  2015

Bruce Marion

January, 2013

Liz Kenyon

Aug.,  2015

Debra Jones

November 2012

Julie Gilbert Pollard

Apr.,  2015

Virginia Brooks

October 2012

Dr Harold Nelson

March,  2015

Art Smith

September 2012

Pat Scheurich

February,  2015

Bob Coonts  

August 2012

Sandy Tracy

January, 2015

Sue Hunter

April 2012

Trevor Swanson 


February 2012

Elliott Everson


January 2012

Kelley Smith


November 2011

Kathryn Tartaglia




Presented by BetteLou Tobin:

  FEBRUARY ~ TRIPTYCH ~ Three panels depicting three angles of the same subject, perhaps, or three seasons of the same scene or three phases of your life time.  Anyway, three paintings or drawings connected in some way.

 MARCH ~ PLEIN AIR ~ The weather might be good for another foray outside. How about the Phoenix Zoo?

 APRIL~ MUSIC ~ Fire up your imagination with music. Let music guide your brush, pencil or fingers to produce whatever feelings you have while listening. This can be classical, jazz, country, show tunes, any genre of music you prefer. Set the mood with a musical piece, feel the colors and the place it sends you to and put it on canvas. No LSD required.

 MAY ~ No activity ~ Invocations and party. 

The Phoenix Art Museum has tours for groups available and they will allow sketching with pencils only, no paint. However, they do not give discounts, so the fee is $18.00 per person. If there is interest to go as a group, let me know and I can arrange it sometime.

For more information, contact BetteLou Tobin;  602-246-8109 




















MAY (JUNE 4) 2018 



Barbara Dahlstedt


We are fortunate to have Barbara Dahlstedt with us at the June 4th meeting as the artist demonstrator doing colored pencil drawing.


Barbara began drawing as a child growing up in Seattle. She went on to Arizona State University and received a degree in Fine Arts and specializing in graphic design. She had a career in the advertising field and was a freelance illustrator for 10 years before going back to school to earn a teaching certificate. Through teaching, Barbara discovered her gift of inspiring students that also fulfilled her passion for drawing and painting.


Barbara currently teaches at Apollo High School in Glendale and has received success as a teacher through her students’ success. Then, having raised her family, Barbara began entering her artwork in Exhibitions, Publications, Art Shows, and Contests. Much to her delight, she began experiencing her own success as an artist through many awards and accolades. As she writes in her Biography, “Now I find my passion growing stronger than ever as I embrace the exciting journey of inspiring others as I discover my own artistic voice.


If there is one thing I have learned, it is that there is always more to learn about art, and that’s the journey.” If you wish to learn more about Barbara Dahlstedt and view her art pieces, please visit her Web Site at:















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