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The Phoenix Artist Guild was founded by Ruth Palmisano in 1984 with the help of Pat Gellenbeck and Addye Kozel, (our first President). 

Ruth also started the Arizona Artists Guild in l984, which was soon up to 150 members.   Phoenix Artists Guild maintains a membership of around 100 today. 

Pat Gellenbeck, Jaxine Cummins, and Julie Frye, were also on the PAG's first Board of Directors. 

A First Place Watercolor award, (also a lifetime  award), was designated in Pat's honor, after 29 years of service on the board.   


Phoenix Artists Guild - League member of Arizona Art Alliance since 2000, is today one of the most active professional artists leagues in the Southwest.  

Monthly meetings provide professional critique of artwork submitted by member artists, as well as demonstrations by accomplished and widely-acclaimed professional artists.

Current Officers and Committee Leaders:



President Julie Frye -

Second Term




 Immediate Past President 

John Mansour




1st Vice President/Programs

 Pat Washburn







2nd Vice President & Committee/Exhibits Chair.

Carmen Timm






Paula Sandera



Recording Secretary

Jo Allebach


Corresponding Secretary

Cindy Berg


  Assistant to 2nd Vice President, and  Ascension Lutheran Exhibit Coordinator

Victoria Lansing



Artists of the Month Chair

Mary Kirch Lechwar



    Publicity (temp. vacant)  


Grant Washburn








Dr Carl



Arizona Art Alliance Rep.

Dr. Carl Hoelle


Newsletter & Mailing

 Cindy Chambers



Telephone Committee

Jane Brown





Member Activities      BetteLou Tobin




Ways & Means

Nancy Donavan



Painting Coordinator

Carolyn Tolliver




Member Tributes

BetteLou Tobin



Charles Cummins




Jaxine Cummins   



Community Outreach  

Victoria Lansing 


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